Get Paid To Read Your Email!

Yes, you can get paid to do what you already do everyday. adpaid websiteGet paid to read your email! This is a legitimate way to make a little extra money. You can read your emails and get paid for viewing them. This is possibly the easiest way to make money online and it’s the oldest way to make money online.

To start earning money all you do is sign up for free to “paid to read email” websites. The site that I recommend signing up for is called Ad Paid. It has been around forever and I always get lots of emails to read and make extra money.

The emails you will receive in your inbox include cash ads and point ads that you click on and then when you view them you get paid. You don’t have to do anything else, unless you want to. There are two kinds of paid emails that you will receive. There are “cash ads” are where you will click the link in your email and then get paid. Then there are “point ads” where you will accumulate points which convert to cash at the end of the month.

AdPaid also has “free offers” where you get paid for completing the offer, shopping deals, surveys, and you can even advertise your own website on the site for other members to see. This will bring you lots of extra traffic coming back to your site or offer. And their advertising packages are cheap.

You can even use your earnings towards ad purchases. I do this sometimes myself and if I have a new website or an affiliate offer that I am promoting and need some extra visitors all I do is redeem the money I made and use it for advertising my site. But you don’t have to use your money for your advertising, you can have the money transferred to you when you reach the minimum payout.

You will be able to cash out when your account gets to $3 and it will go straight into your Paypal account. You will of course make more than $3 but that is the minimum payout. There are also upgraded memberships which include free advertising! And if you refer people you can make much more because when someone signs up under your referral link you make a percentage of their clicks too!

If you want to know more about AdPaid or just join for free, click the link below.

To sign up for AdPaid for free click here!


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